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Each action leads logically to the next. As for the ending being happy. I don 8767 t think it is. The baby is being hurt.

Popular Mechanics How to Fix Anything: Essential Home

Popular Mechanics For Kids - The Complete First Season Elisha Cuthbert and Jay Baruchel host all 77 shows from the premiere season of this wildly popular Discovery Kids TV show.

Popular Mechanics For Kids - Season 1

One strength of the story is the fact that the reader never really knows what happens at the end of the story. It remains a mystery which makes the reader think more about the story. One weakness I found was that as readers we were given no background information. To allow us to formulate an opinion on each parent.

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Carver manages to keep the reader engaged by never letting the reader know as to why the parents are separating. We also never really know for sure what happens the baby. The focus for most of the story is on the fight between both parents with the reader continually wondering as to what may have caused the separation. Also though the reader expects at least one of the parents to become aware of the affects of their fighting on their child. This never happens. The reader expects some type of resolution, though none is clearly given by Carver. With it being left to each individual reader to interpret what happens the baby.

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You could also be right about the title of the story. Carver (or his editor Gordon Lish) may be using the title to highlight to the reader just how common or popular divorce is in society today. And as you mention the reader is given some insight into the mechanics of divorce by seeing both parents fighting.

Thanks for the comment Michael. Carver uses short sentences throughout the story to heightened the tension. He also uses simple language which is ironic because what is happening in the story isn 8767 t simple. A child may be killed. As to why each character wasn 8767 t given a name it is possible that Carver wanted to make sure that the reader felt as though it could be any couple fighting over their baby. Also by naming each character it would have placed a spotlight on them. Taking the focus away from what was happening in the story. That being the struggle for the baby.

I am working on an essay for school and I need help answering this questions. Does the plot have unity? Are all the episodes relevant to the total meaning or effect of the story? Does each incident grow logically out of the preceding incident and lead naturally to the next? Is the ending happy, unhappy, or intermediate? Is it fairly achieved?

Thanks for the comment Bogdan. I think that the father decided to take the child prior to the mother taking the picture. I think it was in his mind all along. From the beginning of the story.

I would suggest there is both an internal and external conflict. The internal conflict would be how the parents feel about the baby. They both want him. The external conflict would be the fighting between parents.

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Stanley Mechanics Tool Set (201-Piece)-STMT71654 - The Popular mechanics tool shed plans

In Popular Mechanics by Raymond Carver we have the theme of separation, conflict, struggle and communication (or rather the lack of it). Taken from Popular Mechanics For Kids - The Complete First Season Elisha Cuthbert and Jay Baruchel host all 22 shows from the premiere season of this wildly popular Discovery popular mechanics tool warranty replacement, popular mechanics tool box, popular mechanics tool boxes, popular mechanics tool chest, popular mechanics tool sets, popular mechanics tool reviews, popular mechanics tool set, popular mechanics tool kit, popular mechanics tool ratings, popular mechanics tool test print, popular mechanics tool cabinet, popular mechanics tool replacement, popular mechanics tool boxes lock replacement, popular mechanics tool test, popular mechanics tool box with wheels, popular mechanics tool box replacement key, popular mechanics tool set vintage, popular mechanics tool sets for sale, popular mechanics tool boxes for sale, popular mechanics tool box plans