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The Dangers of Proton Pump Inhibitors | Chris Kresser

Publication date: 2018-11-09 16:10

Try a good probiotic twice a day and just plan to stay on it. If you are like most people, you 8767 ve been on at least one antibiotic course in your life. I 8767 ve heard that the disastrous results of one single course is akin to completely clearing out a rainforest. Rainforests don 8767 t regrow in a day. It 8767 ll take years in many cases.

This article states that they tested for H. Pylori in the upper small intestine of several groups. In this testing, they found a correlation between people positive for H. Pylori infection and a reduction in enteritis. They hypothesized that there may be a synergistic effect with gut bacteria in the upper small intestine where H. Pylori may tend to lower the ph of that area.

I 8767 ve been taking Dexilent for several years now. But recently have heard of the negative effects from taking it. While on vacation I was so busy I stopped taking it. When we got home I started up again and the acid reflux was bad! I felt like it was worse after taking it. So I just stopped using it. Now I feel like I have constant heartburn. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Should I go back on the Dexilent and slowly go off? Or should I just stay off? Should I take probiotics for my stomach flora? Are there any alternatives that I can use to calm down the reflux?

Larger parietal cells have more proton pumps and can produce larger amounts of stomach acid. This is termed “rebound hypersecretion,” or an overproduction of stomach acid after taking PPIs ( 87 ). This is why getting off PPI therapy is so difficult, because long-term use fundamentally changes the physiology of stomach cells. It also points to yet another instance where simply treating the symptoms of a condition fails to recognize and treat the underlying root cause.

Several recent studies have also shed light on PPIs and the cardiovascular system. PPI users have been shown to have a significantly greater risk of heart attack than those on other antacid medication ( 75 , 76 ). PPIs also reduce production of nitric oxide, a natural substance that promotes the dilation of blood vessels and improves blood flow ( 77 ).

PPIs have become one of the most commonly prescribed classes of drugs in the industrialized world, despite increasingly frequent warnings by researchers about potential risks and complications.

I had severe stomach inflammation back in 7565 and a scope showed a hiatal hernia, schlotzkys ring and barrets esophagus. Ive been on PPIs since then. A scope in 7569 showed the barrets healed. I managed to wean myself down to 65 mg from 65! that some idiot prescribed me, but I have been unable to get off the last 65mg daily for more than 7 days without awful rebound. Does anyone have a tapering off protocol that has worked for them?

I 8767 ve been taking Nexium 95mg for 68yrs now and for the past 8 I 8767 ve been experiencing severe heart palpations that come and go, which leads to bad headaches almost everyday. I 8767 m now going to wean myself off these pills and hopefully this works. Wish me luck!!

I 8767 d rather stay away from things like Humira for now. Some research says Celebrex has significantly less stomach problems associated with it. Any feedback on Celebrex?

I have LPR and a paralyzed left vocal cord. Had the injections, which improved the symptoms for a few months. Next option is an implant if I choose to do so. I HAVE to be on a PPI. I have no protection otherwise. So, I take OTC Nexium mg . I have kidney function test and liver function tests every 8 months. Sometimes it 8767 s not the quantity of your life, it 8767 s the quality. Don 8767 t know what else to do. I can 8767 t afford to lose the other cord.

The Dangers of Proton Pump Inhibitors | Chris Kresser Quitting paxil autoimmune disorder

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