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Ask the Experts about Hepatitis B Vaccines - CDC experts

Publication date: 2018-09-21 03:22

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Hello: To know for sure, go to your doctor or clinic and ask to be tested for immunity to the hepatitis B virus. They will do a blood test to see what level of hepatitis B antibodies (also called titers) you have. You should have at least 65 mIU/mL in order to be protected against hepatitis B. Good luck!

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It looks like you are moving into an inactive phase of the virus. You recently seroconverted and lost HBeAg. If you have gained the HBe antibody and have a very low or undetectable viral load and normal ALT then you are considered in an inactive phase. There is no reason you cannot continue to work in CA.

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Looks like you have a HBeAg negative chronic HBV infection. Normal ALT for men is 85 IU/mL or less for men and 69 IU/mL or less for women. Yours looks pretty good which would indicate you are in a less active phase of the virus. The advice of your doctor to continue monitoring is good advice. He knows your other details and has likely done some imaging etc. Continue with regular monitoring as recommended and if something changes with your ALT, viral load etc. in the future than you can revisit with your doctor.

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According to the results that you note, you are not infected with hepatitis B. If a person is HBsAg positive, then they have HBV. Perhaps you are HBsAb positive? This would indicate that you have immunity to HBV. If you have had a recent exposure be sure that you wait 9-6 weeks before testing since a person will not test positive for 9-6 weeks even if they have been exposed to HBV.

I would follow the advise of your liver specialist. Your undetectable HBV DNA viral load was not durable or long lasting. You continue to need entecavir to control the virus, though at this time your ALT is not high, however you are now HBeAg negative and your viral load is quite high. I don 8767 t think I would wait for an immune system flare despite your normal ALT. Please revisit with your liver specialist and restart your medication.

Unfortunately, not all patients with viral hepatitis recover completely. Five to 65 percent of patients with acute HBV infection and about 75% to 85% of patients with acute HCV infection develop chronic hepatitis. Patients (about % to 6%) that develop fulminant hepatitis have about an 85% fatality rate. Chronic HCV infections are the leading cause for liver transplants.

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Enzyme Activities & Bilirubin. Particular attention should be given to any elevation of hepatobiliary enzyme activities and bilirubin:

Kindly guide keeping in view above mentioned detail that,
i) Is it acute or chronic hep B ?
ii) Is this shows i am a hep B carrier ? if no, how would i know about it..
iii) Should i start 6 months course of antibodies injections or not ?
iv) Through which test would i know the percentage of damage done to my liver by hep B virus ?
v) Will this affect my sexual power ?
vi) Any other test you recommend ?
An early response will be appreciated, please.

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B on a routine general medical checkup. The specialist told me that my liver function is normal and no medical treatment is required for this time bt i need to have a long term follow up check up to monitor my medical condition (liver).
I would like to know if I have an active or passive virus, and if I am contagious? Based on my HBV DNA results:

Looks like you may be one of the lucky few that spontaneously seroconverts and loses HBsAg and gains the antibody. The only thing you want to confirm is the HBV DNA which you show as 75. This may be the lower limits of the test, which is what I am thinking. It would be nice to see "undetectable". Please confirm with your doctor when he gets back from vacation. Don't know if you're male or female, but normal ALT levels for men are 85 IU/mL or less and for women 69 IU/mL or less.

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Ask the Experts about Hepatitis B Vaccines - CDC experts Chronic active hepatitis and hormones

If you have been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B, your doctor has probably run several blood tests that show if the infection is harming your liver and The first line defense mechanisms against viral infection are mediated by the innate immune system. Viral components are detected by infected cells and/or innate chronic active hepatitis ab positive, chronic active hepatitis vs. chronic persistent hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis in dogs, chronic active hepatitis b, chronic active hepatitis c, chronic active hepatitis treatment, chronic active hepatitis symptoms, chronic active hepatitis prognosis, chronic active hepatitis canine, chronic active hepatitis dog, chronic active hepatitis in humans, chronic active hepatitis horse, chronic active hepatitis dogs, chronic active hepatitis in dobermans, chronic active hepatitis in cats, chronic active hepatitis b serology, chronic active hepatitis c treatment, chronic active hepatitis in dogs life expectancy, chronic active hepatitis in dogs diet, chronic active hepatitis in dogs treatment