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Blast Breaker Online is a free-to-play action MMO for PC with a touch of anime that features three playable characters responsible for unleashing an ancient evil on the planet of Xylon.
Publisher: UNext Plus
Playebase: Medium
Type: F2P Action MMORPG
Release Date: January 2016

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Blast Breaker Online Screenshots

Blast Breaker Online Overview

Blast Breaker Online is a 2.5D action MMO with a touch of anime and horizontal scroll that provides dynamic combo system action. The game gives you the option to choose between three characters: Alan (warrior), Stella (witch) or Elona (archer) and customize them as you wish. Depending on the character you choose, you will face different missions. In a distant universe called Irilspiral, there was a small planet named Xylon, where lived a civilization with great wisdom called Khala. The Khala lived in peace, drawing and feeding back the powers of natural elements flowing by Xylon. However, there were some evil beings: the Blasters. And one day, these beings were released by accident. The Blasters began to devour all elements in Xylon and life on the planet quickly began to fade.

Blast Breaker Online Featured Video: Blast Breaker Trailer – Texyon Games

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