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League of Maidens is a free to play 3D battle arena in which players use combos, abilities, and counters to beat each other as a customized warrior maiden with cinematic flare. Become a hero with super strength and save the world.
Publisher: Maiden Gaming Inc.
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P MOBA Straegy
Release Date: 2017

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League of Maidens Screenshots

League Of Maidens Overview

LOM is a 3D free to play online battle arena (MOBA) real time strategy game for PC featuring beautiful maidens with superhuman powers in which players use their fists, abilities, and weapons to pummel each other as a fully customizable female warrior. Two teams of five enter a ravaged city, and destroy towers guarding the enemy’s base. The first team to destroy all of the enemy’s towers wins. Use third person melee attacks, superhuman abilities such as supersonic speed, super strength to hurl vehicles, and jet-like flying to outplay opponents. Matches typically last about 20 minutes so you can jump in and out for fast-paced gameplay.

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