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Hyper Universe is an upcoming side-scrolling MOBA game, pitting a variety of characters against each other on a unique strategic map. Destroy towers, farm the jungles, fight bosses, and equip a variety of items to conquer your enemies.
Publisher: Nexon
Type: F2P MOBA Game
Release Date: TBA

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Hyper Universe Screenshots

Hyper Universe Overview

Hyper Universe is 3D side-scrolling MOBA that, takes a fresh look at the MOBA genre and alters some of the core elements to create a new experience. As opposed to the typical RTS point-and-click control scheme of most MOBAs, HU game uses WASD to directly control the character on the platforms, focusing on action. Only six towers are present on the game’s map, on the center lane where most of the action happens, with farmable NPCs and a boss located on the levels above and below the center. Its roster consists of over 25 characters, many of which are familiar faces inspired by popular characters and pop culture.

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