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Defiance is a 3D F2P Sci-Fi MMO online Game from Trion Worlds. Join a futuristic online open-world shooter where thousands of players scour a transformed Earth competing for alien technology. Download the game and start your adventure now for free!
Publisher: Trion Worlds
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P MMO online game / Shooter Game
Release Date: April 2, 2013 (NA/EU)

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Defiance Overview

Defiance is an ambitious project in many respects. It launched for consoles (PS3/Xbox 360) along with its PC release, and is part of a tie-in strategy for a SyFy original series of the same name. Defiance was originally a buy-to-play game but went free-to-play on June 4, 2014 though newer content still requires additional DLC purchases.
The game is set in the San Francisco bay area several decades in the future in the aftermath of a harrowing war that has left much of the world destroyed. Players take on a third person shooter perspective in the role of Ark Hunters who must recover valuable resources and technologies from abandoned space crafts that routinely crash onto Earth. This Game offers an open persistent world to explore either alone or with groups.

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