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Faeria is the PC Card Battler that you’ve always desired and that gives players the ability to shape the board with lands to create mind-blowing strategies. Build your deck, shape the battlefield and defeat your opponents in epic battles!
Publisher: Abrakam SA
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P Strategy Card Game
Release Date: March 08, 2017

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Faeria Overview

Experience innovative and strategic card combat in Faeria, a 2D CCG game that combines traditional CCG gameplay with tactics-style combat and a living board. Tactically place land tiles that serve as both playing field and resource pool. How you play is up to you. Use the game’s unique system to your advantage. Overwhelm your opponent with rush cards or save up for a massive multi-card combo capable of wiping them out in one deadly turn. Move, attack, draw cards, place land, or summon creatures at any time during your turn without worrying about phases. Add any card to your deck without being limited to one or two element types. Play in a variety of game modes which include highly-entertaining puzzle quests, or step up to the challenge and defeat succeeding opponents in Pandora mode.

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