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MU Legend is a hack-and-slack MMORPG that is the sequel to the popular South Korean game MU Online. Dark fantastical dungeons with waves of enemies await, with RPG-like elements and gear progression.
Developer: Webzen
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: TBA

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MU Legend Screenshots

MU Legend Overview

MU Legend is a hack-and-slack MMORPG developed and published by Webzen. It is the sequel to MU Online. Originally labelled MU2, but development didn’t begin from 2004 until 2009. This MMORPG features four unique classes with special abilities. Choose to be a Blader, Dark Lord, War Mage, or a Whisperer. Level up as you fight mobs, gaining experience and unlocking stronger abilities. Pick up loot to craft gear, and join arms with friends to take on the endless waves in the dark dungeons. The game features a guild system, a quest system, skill trees, and different game modes/dungeon objectives

MU Legend Introduction Video

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  1. […] MU Legend launched in South Korea on March 23rd, but, unfortunately, it seems that we won’t be playing the global version any time soon. WEBZEN announced today that the global Open Beta won’t begin until “this summer,” which is a fairly vague estimate. WEBZEN Head of Global Business Richard Moon had the following to say about the announcement. ” As the Korean version has just officially launched, we are so happy to be bringing this news to the global audience. Our teams have poured years of hard work into MU Legend, and it’s such a major milestone for everybody to finally reach OBT. The wait also ends for players who have shown their dedication right from the initial announcement and all the way through the different closed beta phases. The enthusiasm from the community is something we love to see! “. […]

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