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Royal Quest is a fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG with a classical MMORPG feel and an isometric camera angle. Explore a vast fantasy world inhabited by unique monsters and filled with magic, alchemy, and technology.
Publisher: Katauri Interactive
Playerbase: Low
PvP: PVP Arenas, PVP Battlegrounds, Castle Sieges
Release Date: August 6, 2014

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Royal Quest Overview

Help save Aura, a world of magic, alchemy, and technology, from the clutches of the Black Alchemists in Royal Quest, a MMORPG from Katauri Interactive. Join other young and brave heroes as they flock to the Kingdom of Elenia to answer the king’s call-to-arms. Take your pick from four combat classes with the ability to specialize as you grow stronger. Train, fight, grow stronger, and bring the fight to the Black Alchemist’s doorstep to finally bring them to justice and avenge the souls they have stolen. Collect a variety of gear, mounts, cards, and even own a castle with your friends as you journey through a world inhabited by strange animals, monsters, orcs, demons, and the undead.

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