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TERA Game is an action combat system makes battles come alive. Instead of mindlessly mashing keys while grinding through monotonous content, players jockey for position, aim at moving targets, dodge incoming attacks, and time combos carefully to deal massive damage.
Initial release date: January 25, 2011
Developer: Bluehole Studio
Genre: F2P MMORPG Fantasy
Publishers: En Masse Entertainment, Naver Corporation and more

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Tera Overview

TERA Rising is a free to play 3D action MMORPG based on a non-targeting system, where players will have direct control over their character’s combat. Unlike traditional MMORPGS which use auto-attacks and tab targeting, TERA allows a player to aim their spells and attacks manually. This allows for greater flexibility and much more dynamic combat.
The game features some impressive visuals, with towering detailed beasts to fight and a fantastic spell variety. Beyond the typical MMORPG questing, players can engage in 5 man dungeons and participate in Guild PvP.
TERA also features a very unique and intricate political system, which allows a whole zone to vote on a player to become matriarch. This player is able to access rare patterns and set tax prices on vendors throughout the zone. Players can choose to also fight for control over a zone through PvP arenas.

TERA: The Only MMO with True Action Combat

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