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Elvenar is a city-building strategy MMO set in a fantasy world. Players pick from Human or Elven civilization to build and support a grand city as its ruler, managing resources and training up an army to grow a great new empire. Going beyond typical city builders, the game has a culture system that must be balanced by placing decorations and upgrading buildings.
Publisher: InnoGames
Playerbase: High
Release Date: April 2015

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Elvenar Screenshots

Elvenar Overview

Elvenar is a browser-based 2D strategy MMO with primary focus on city-building and exploring the world map. Players begin by building up a city, making sure to connect buildings to the streets and growing their wealth by producing resource-generating buildings. Elvenar has a Culture system, offering benefits to players who decorate their town with lampposts, trees…, making their townspeople happier, ultimately leading to better resource production. It features a unique combat system, allowing players to directly control their units as opposed to sending them off into auto-battle as many other games in this genre would.

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